Reduce Your Energy Bills By Installing Double Glazing Doors

Since you can make your house more energy efficient by insulating it properly, this is the right time to install new double glazing doors. They reduce energy consumption and energy bills. Just make sure that the glazing is of high quality and you can assure that it will perform well.

Every house loses heat through its doors and windows. If you want to minimise the amount of heat lost, replace the old traditional doors with energy-efficient double glazing. They are specially designed to reduce the amount of heat lost through windows and doors and provide excellent thermal insulation. Make sure that the doors you are installing are ‘A’ rated.

How Does Double Glazing Reduce Heat Loss?

Energy-efficient double glazing is different from the standard doors. The former is manufactured using advanced glass technology. There are two panes of glasses with a layer of inert gas. The inner glass layer prevents loss of heat from your room, while the exterior glass layer reduces the amount of heat entering your room. Even the harmful UV rays of the sun can’t penetrate your home.

If you are willing to make the doors more energy-efficient, let the manufacturer know and they will apply a special coat. The door will become selective about the wavelengths of energy which can pass through it and the wavelengths it will reflect. You can retain more heat inside your home during winter and reduce your energy bills drastically.

Importance Of The Air Pocket Between The Glasses

There is a layer of air trapped between the two panes of glass. It acts as an insulating barrier which prevents the loss of heat. The two panes of glass are first sealed and the air between them is replaced with Argon gas. It is an inert gas with superior thermal performance. The gas gives your double glazing doors in Eastbourne excellent insulation. It acts as a barrier which reduces the amount of heat lost. The door is then customised to fit the existing frame and you can assure a tight fit.

Is Installing Double Glazing A Cost-Effective Option?

How much you can save every year on your energy bills is dependent on the double glazing installer you have approached and the type of glazing you are installing. Another major factor on which the heating cost depends is your energy usage. You can save a lot of money every year by installing superior quality double glazing doors.


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